OL1: AWS Setup

Extract data from SAP using SAP Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)


For simplicity we recommend to use AWS Cloud9. You can also use your preferred IDE or local terminal as well (Mac, Windows or Linux).

Clone the aws-lambda-sap-odp-extractor locally:

$ git clone https://github.com/aws-samples/aws-lambda-sap-odp-extractor.git

In the terminal/command navigate to the downloaded folder.

$ cd aws-lambda-sap-odp-extractor

The folder contents should look as follows

88e9fe59bc8f: aws-lambda-sap-odp-extractor admin$ ls
LICENSE.txt		cdk.json		node_modules
NOTICE			cdk.out			lib
README.md		package-lock.json
bin			package.json 

Navigate to the root folder of the cloned repo and then execute the below command:

$ npm install

Navigate to lib folder and update the appConfig.json file with your account ID, region details. You can use any text editor or even vi (linux) to update and save the file.

Make sure to adjust account and region

    "env" : {
        "account" : "<YOUR ACCID>",
        "region" : "us-east-1"
    "stackName" : "SAPODP",
        "S3BucketForExtracts" : "S3BucketForExtracts",
        "DDBForMetaData" : "DDBForMetaData",
        "SAPAuthSecret" : "SAPAuthSecret"

Navigate back to the root folder using command cd .. and bootstrap your AWS account for CDK

Bootstrapping your AWS Environment

Before you can use the AWS CDK you must bootstrap your AWS environment to create the infrastructure that the AWS CDK CLI needs to deploy your AWS CDK app. Currently the bootstrap command creates only an Amazon S3 bucket. Make sure to add your AWS Account ID in the bootstrap URL

$ cdk bootstrap aws://<AWS Account ID>/us-east-1

Deploy the stack to your account using the command cdk deploy Make sure your CLI is setup for account ID and region provided in the appConfig.json file. Verify the messages in your terminal and answer y to the deploy change yes or no question.

$ cdk deploy

Once the stack is deployed successfully, verify and complete the post installation steps for the outputs

You can run npm audit fix for security updates post the cdk deploy process

Now proceed with the next step to setup the AWS Network. Choose either public connectivity e.g. SAP CAL or private connectivity.