SL1: SAP Setup for SLT

The following architecture diagram shows the workflow for pulling the SAP S/4|ECC|BW data from SAP Data services and using SAP Data services to land your SAP data to Amazon S3.

➡️ Step by Step guide to create a data flow between SAP and S3 using, SAP SLT, Data services using an ODP connection.

Please note that you can use similar flows to replicate from tables/BAPI’s etc


For Below example we will consider table SNWD_PD, assuming you are using an ABAP system with demo data.

  1. Login to SAP . Please ensure that you have SLT admin access.
  2. Login to transaction LTRC
  3. Select the create configuration Icon
  4. Enter a configuration name and Description as indicated below and click next.

  5. Select RFC Connection=> Enter Destination is None. ( Please note that if your SLT system is separate from your ECC system, enter the RFC destination of the source system() => Select Allow multiple usage ==> click next.

  1. In the target, Select RFC destination and choose None and indicated below Choose the Scenario for RFC communication as ODP Replication Scenario. Choose any 4 character Alias ( Please note that this will be used in the ODP context in data services later)==> Click Next.

  2. Choose the number of transfer jobs, calculation jobs and load jobs to be 1 for this demo==>Choose next.

  3. Review and Select Create. The queue should be active, Click on the configuration name to review settings.

Please note that every dictionary table in SAP source system can be queried using SLT context. This will not work with other ODP enabled sources like extractors or function modules.